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About the Company

Pedal Powered Software creates software exclusively for bicycle shops.

Jerri Kohl founded Pedal Powered Software in March 2006, after his local bicycle shop, North Star Sports asked him to create an application to automate their repair shop and later to help them get their POS up and running. After failing to find software to adequately perform these tasks, he decided this was a good opportunity to start a new business melding his two greatest passions in life: software development and cycling. Since having a fully functioning POS is mission critical to running a bicycle store, he put the repair shop software, Bicycle Repair Man, on hold, and decided he would first tackle the POS problem, thus creating POSt-Haste. After having finished POSt-Haste for inputing and updating data from vendors directly into POS systems, he struck out pedaling from bike store to bike store, peddling his wares in the spring of 2007.

About the Founder

Jerri Kohl

Software Development History

Jerri Kohl has been programming computers since 1984 and has been providing technical services to the retail industry since 1990. In 1992, he was hired as a database developer for Prudential Securities, Inc., at that time a Prudential Financial, Inc. company. In 1993, he was hired as the lead developer of an ecological, artificial life, virtual reality system for SGI (Silicon Graphics, Inc.), and was developing on a 3-D graphics supercomputer much more powerful than any computer used to create Jurassic Park, which came out months earlier. However, the lure of the World-Wide Web and a return to creating software that solved real business needs were too strong of a draw for him, and he initiated R&D in e-Commerce Web development in 1994.

By early 1995, he landed a large contract with ACNielsen (the company which created the Nielsen Ratings) to develop the first version of Spaceman Enterprise for Windows (SEfW). SEfW was a floorplanning system for large retail and grocery companies. SEfW integrated with Spaceman for Windows, Nielsen's planogramming software, and allowed for sophisticated financial analysis for determining optimal layout at all levels of a fully customized store products hierarchy. SEfW has now been renamed Spaceman Store Designer.

While designing and architecting SEfW, still in early 1995, Jerri founded Spinavision, LLC, a consulting company focused on putting companies on the Web, particularly by developing e-commerce Web sites. Spinavision's first project was a Web application prototype for a Category Management application for retail and grocery stores. While developing an e-Commerce site for a client, Jerri invented a new technology, named AppEase, that enabled Web application development without writing any code.

He co-founded Simpler Software, Inc. in 1997, in order to productize AppEase, and was awarded a patent for AppEase in 2000. He eventually left Simpler Software, which had become e-Acumen, Inc. and was focusing on the newly deregulated wholesale electricity market after receiving funding -- the venture capitalists liked this change a lot, but it wasn't what Jerri had in mind.

In January 2000, having left e-Acumen, Jerri moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Burlington, Vermont. Since moving to Burlington, he has both consulted and developed enterprise Web applications from scratch (including a CRM -- Customer Relationship Management system), for both large and small firms (including Time Inc.). In March 2006, he decided to focus exclusively on the bicycle retail vertical market, and founded Pedal Powered Software.

Biking Ethics

Jerri Kohl gave up his car immediately upon graduating high school and started biking everywhere he needed to go, starting out the week at 100 miles per week in hilly New England. To this day he has never again owned a car or had a driver's license, and he doesn't even get in an automobile, except for the extremely rare bus ride, always prefering to meet people at a location or not go, rather than accepting a ride. He bikes year round, even through the blizzards of Vermont. He also bikes to all of his prospects and customers for sales and service.

If a customer has a need that demands his immediate onsite presence, he will certainly make an exception and use whatever mode of transportation is required to get him there in time.

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