Pedal Powered POS

The most customizable POS for Bike Shops.

Based on the JavaPOS industry standard, Pedal Powered POS is an Open Source POS that supports most POS hardware (credit card magnetic swipe readers, barcode scanners, receipt/ticket printers, cash drawers, and customer pole displays) on the market, including legacy hardware, and runs on Windows, Linux, and even Mac OS X.

Pedal Powered Software can even provide you with all the hardware, configuration, and training necessary to get all of your stores setup with our POS.

Having a POS system will release you from the burden of manually keeping track of your inventory by mind, sight, and paper -- freeing you to grow your store (or add new stores) without making inventory tracking exponentially harder.

You can safely maintain lower inventory levels with a POS, saving lots of money in inventory overhead, while at the same time better ensuring that you have adequate quantity of products to avoid losing sales by alerting you to make a PO (Purchase Order) for products, and even auto-filling the PO, in order to maintain optimal inventory levels.

A POS also makes your bookkeeping and accounting substantially simpler and more accurate, saving time and money spent on these tasks.

There are many other features for which a POS is helpful and having a POS will take a lot of weight off of your shoulders and should allow you to maintain a lower overall stress level while making more money and better satisfying customers.

If you purchase POSt-Haste at the same time as Pedal Powered POS, you will save yourself the most time-consuming step of product data entry: the inital entry of all the products you sell. You'll then have all of your product data entered in a clean, consistent format from day one.

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