post-haste ('pOst-'hAst)

n. Archaic. Great speed; rapidity.

POSt-Haste ('pOst-'hAst)

n. The quickest way to get your POS system up and running and/or regularly updated.

What Does POSt-Haste Do?

POSt-Haste inputs the product data for all the products in your store into your POS (Point-of-Sale) system, and keeps your POS updated as new products arrive each season and as old products' cost and MSRP's change or are discontinued, saving you hundreds of hours.

POSt-Haste works with any POS; or, if you don't have a POS, we can help you get one setup and running your store quicker than you would be able to otherwise.

Do you need POSt-Haste?

If any of these are true for you, then POSt-Haste is what you need!

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