Take It Online

Sell your products on your very own e-Commerce Web site.

Easy Setup

Would you like to sell your products over the Web? We can set you up with an e-Commerce site (online store) from which you can sell all or some of the products you sell in your store, and even products you don't sell in your store. If you have a POS, you can easily select which items you want to sell online, or the ones you don't want to sell. For products that aren't in your POS, or if you don't have a POS, you can either use our POSt-Haste product to import products into your e-Commerce site or type them in using our admin Web interface.

Bi-directional Inventory Syncing

Take It Online can keep your inventory synchronized between the e-Commerce site and your store, if you have a shared inventory between the two. As something is sold from one, it is deducted from inventory in the other. This, for instance, prevents someone from seeing that an item is instock on you e-Coommerce site and purchasing it, when the last one had already been sold from the store.

Simple Specification of Web Pricing

If desired, it is easy to specify different pricing for on-line purchases than for in-store, known as Web pricing. This can be done either by applying a discount from either your store price or MSRP on a store-wide, per-vendor, or per-category basis; or by specifying Web prices directly, product-by-product.

Many More Features

Contact us for a demo which will give you an overview of how simple and feature-rich our solution is.

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